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How can I tell If my OxyGo is bluetooth-enabled?

To determine if your OxyGo is Bluetooth enabled, press and hold the minus button (-) on the top of your unit until the Bluetooth symbol appears on concentrator display.
A Bluetooth unit will also have a ratings label on the back of the unit that states “Contains Transmitter Module IC: 12246A-BM7152; FCC ID:A8TBM7152.”

Can I buy OxyGo directly from you?

At OxyGo, we are committed to patients receiving the best oxygen modality that will fit their needs according to their medical professional’s orders. That commitment to you is why we only sell OxyGo through authorized oxygen providers who can give you the one on one treatment you require, and we do not sell OxyGo or its accessories directly to patients.  The best way to make sure you can get an OxyGo? When your doctor prescribes you your portable oxygen concentrator, ask them to specify “OxyGo—No Substitutions."

My current provider said they can't assist me. What should I do?

OxyGo is available from most oxygen providers. If for some reason, your provider doesn’t carry OxyGo, we can connect you with an OxyGo Provider in your area. Submit your information, along with your current oxygen provider by clicking here. We’ll work with your current provider to get you an OxyGo, or if they still can’t carry OxyGo, connect you with a new provider.

I have respiratory issues. Will the OxyGo work for me?

Depending on your oxygen prescription, it’s likely that it will! The most common prescription for oxygen is 2-3 liters per minute, and OxyGo can deliver that amount of oxygen (and more!) in pulse dose. The OxyGo family of portable oxygen concentrators are available by prescription only. If you have been prescribed oxygen, there is a good chance that a member of the OxyGo family will work for you, however, you’ll have to have your oxygen provider perform an oxygen assessment to see if you can saturate with OxyGo. Just ask your current oxygen provider for OxyGo!

Is the OxyGo continuous flow?

The OxyGo family of POCs is pulse dose only at this time. However, our breathe triggering sensitivity is so superior to other products on the market, some patients are able to be saturated with an OxyGo! The best way to make sure an OxyGo will work for you is to contact your oxygen provider and have them perform an oxygen assessment with an OxyGo.

How much does OxyGo cost?

Patients can often get OxyGo for little to no cost! OxyGo POCs are covered by most insurance and Medicare. If you would rather own your OxyGo, instead of rent through insurance, you may qualify for financing. Just ask your oxygen provider about the OxyCare Total Advantage to get started.

Can OxyGo POCs be used with a CPAP or BPAP?

No, OxyGo portable oxygen concentrators are pulse dose devices and should not be used with a CPAP or BPAP device.

Can I fly with OxyGo?

Yes! All OxyGo POCs comply with the applicable rules and regulations for domestic and international air travel. Each unit has markings on the back label indicating that they are compliant. On August 23, 2016, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) made a rule change that streamlined the process of approving portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). Rather than continuing to approve POCs on a case-by-case basis, the FAA has established acceptance criteria for POCs used on aircraft. Each compliant POC needs to have a label from the manufacturer identifying it as adhering to this criteria. We’re happy to announce that our OxyGo POCs are compliant, and bear the necessary labeling on the back of the device.

What comes with the OxyGo?

Each OxyGo comes with everything you need to Keep Going! Each unit comes with a single battery, car charger, AC/DC wall charger, cannula, quick start guide and carrying case. There are also optional upgrade packages with extra batteries and double batteries available.

I'd like to get my mom or dad an OxyGo. How do I do that?

If your loved one is on oxygen, there is a good chance OxyGo will work for them! You can purchase an OxyGo to own, or you may be able to help your parent coordinate a rental through insurance. Ask their current oxygen provider about OxyGo and give your parent the gift of mobility and freedom.

What is the warranty on my OxyGo?

The OxyGo NEXT has a 5-year limited warranty, with 5 years on the concentrator and 1 year for the sieve beds and battery. OxyGo FIT has a 3-year limited warranty, with 3 years on the concentrator and 1 year for the sieve beds and battery. You can learn more here.

Can I get accessories for my OxyGo through my insurance?

Some insurances may cover additional accessories. However, you can always buy extra batteries, external chargers, and backpacks through your oxygen provider. Click here.

Where can I buy accessories for my OxyGo?

All OxyGo Accessories are available from your oxygen provider! If your provider doesn’t carry the item you are looking for, they can special order it for you. Below are the part numbers they can use for reference.

OxyGo Backpack #1170-1420
OxyGo Single Battery #1400-1010-8
OxyGo Double Battery #1400-1010-16
OxyGo Desktop Battery Charger #1400-1030

OxyGo FIT Single Battery #1400-2010-4
OxyGo FIT  Double Battery #1400-2010-8
OxyGo FIT External Battery Charger #1400-2030

OxyGo NEXT Single Battery #1400-3010-8
OxyGo NEXT  Double Battery #1400-3010-16
OxyGo NEXT External Battery Charger #1400-3030

I'm having trouble with my OxyGo. What should I do?

We’re sorry you’re having issues with your OxyGo unit. The place to get the best help is to contact your oxygen provider. They can make sure you are getting the best care and ensure that your unique situation is taken care of. Luckily, OxyGo POCs are known for their reliability and most troubles are fixed quickly, and often don’t require you to send your unit back to us for repair.

My battery is not holding a charge. What should I do?

Whenever the battery is connected to the concentrator, even when the units are not in operation, the unit can pull a small charge from the battery. This means that it can sometimes appear that the battery is draining too quickly! We recommend that if you are not going to use your OxyGo for a long period of time, to remove the battery from the unit. If this does not fix your problem, contact your oxygen provider for service.

My OxyGo is overheating. What should I do?

One common cause of an overheating OxyGo is that the air intake vents are blocked. This can be from putting your unit in a purse or bag, or from simply putting the unit in its carrying case backward! If your air intakes are not blocked and the unit still overheats, contact your oxygen provider for service.

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