Where can I buy accessories for my OxyGo?

All OxyGo Accessories are available from your oxygen provider! If your provider doesn’t carry the item you are looking for, they can special order it for you. Below are the part numbers they can use for reference.

OxyGo Backpack #1170-1420
OxyGo Single Battery #1400-1010-8
OxyGo Double Battery #1400-1010-16
OxyGo Desktop Battery Charger #1400-1030

OxyGo FIT Single Battery #1400-2010-4
OxyGo FIT  Double Battery #1400-2010-8
OxyGo FIT External Battery Charger #1400-2030

OxyGo NEXT Single Battery #1400-3010-8
OxyGo NEXT  Double Battery #1400-3010-16
OxyGo NEXT External Battery Charger #1400-3030

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