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Breath, health and perseverance is the heart of what we do at OxyGo. Our mission is to keep providers and their patients going in the face of a life-altering oxygen diagnosis. Now, as COVID-19 has entered North America, we at OxyGo are prepared to help serve and protect the most vulnerable to this respiratory disease.

The situation is evolving rapidly, and we update our processes to meet the best standards as they develop. Please see below for FAQ’s, helpful websites, and all things related to COVID-19 so you can Keep Going.

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What happens to my OxyGo Concentrator if exposed to Covid-19?

COVID-19 is a living virus. It needs living cells to replicate. Since there are no living cells within OxyGo concentrators the virus will not thrive or grow. If exposed the virus may remain active for hours to several days. If you believe your concentrator to be contaminated, please follow the cleaning and disinfection procedures contained within the Instructions for Use that came with the concentrator. Refer to What if my unit gets contaminated question below for information on cleaning.

What happens if the outside of my concentrator gets contaminated with Covid-19?

If your unit becomes contaminated follow the cleaning procedures provided with the Product Instructions for Use. These procedures state:

Case Cleaning:
You may clean the outside case using a cloth dampened with a mild liquid detergent (such as Dawn™) and water. Do not submerse the OxyGo or its accessories in water or allow water to enter into the case; this may lead to electrical shock and/or damage.

To fully decontaminate your unit the CDC recommends using a disinfectant on surfaces after cleaning. If this is desired, over the counter disinfecting wipes may be used. Follow wipe manufacturers' recommendations for use. OxyGo has not validated the use of disinfectants but has determined using wipes will not hurt the function of the unit.

Will using my concentrator filter out Covid-19?

No, OxyGo concentrator filters are not designed to filter viruses.

Can I add additional filters to my concentrator?

It is not recommended to add anything to or alter OxyGo concentrators in any way. Doing so may cause the unit to stop making oxygen and may void the product warranty.

My patient's concentrator has stopped working. What do I do?

OxyGo is here to help. If you are a provider, please contact us or your OxyGo Rep to find out more information. If you are a patient, please contact your provider for help.

I have been quarantined with Covid-19 and want to know if it is safe to continue using my concentrator?

Please contact and follow the recommendations of your health care professional regarding the use of your OxyGo portable oxygen concentrator.

OxyGo recommends that all customers follow the CDC recommendations for protecting oneself against the virus. This includes avoiding close contact and cleaning your hands often. More information can be found on the CDC website at

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