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The OxyGo Family has three members:
OxyGo NEXT, OxyGo FIT and OxyGo 5 Setting

All are industry leaders in reliability, usability and quality. And all are designed to be used 24/7…
so they can supply the medical oxygen you need at home or on the go.

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Live without limits

At OxyGo we believe that the need to be on oxygen doesn’t have to set limits on your lifestyle. We’ve set out to provide the best POC on the market to give patients the confidence that they’ll have a 24/7 oxygen supply while at home or away.

OxyGo truly gives you the freedom to Keep Going—without the burden of heavy tanks, cords or long tubing.



Say goodbye to bulky oxygen tanks

With portable, rechargeable OxyGo POCs, you no longer need to rely on tanks or deliveries for oxygen. Charge on your own at home or away. The groundbreaking design and functionality equals fewer service calls or need for repair, giving you the autonomy to live life on your own schedule.



Keep Going

OxyGo portable oxygen concentrators provide the ultimate in mobility while on oxygen. Each small, lightweight and portable device comes with many options and accessories to fit in with your lifestyle when you’re on the move. Car chargers, backpacks and single- or double-cell batteries are available to customize your POC.



More than just physical health

The idea of wellness encompasses so much more than physical health. OxyGo and OxyGo FIT enable patients to engage in the activities and hobbies that they love with fewer restrictions, promoting a sense of well-being and a lifestyle that complements and supports the goals of achieving good health.



Restoring your quality of life

The ability to move and feel free while on oxygen has major impact on health outcomes. Without the burden heavy tanks and time constraints, the OxyGO restores a quality of life that patients thought was a thing of the past. Learn more about how OxyGo changes lives from those who have experienced it for themselves.

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