Smart Delivery

Recently, CMS announced another round of oxygen reimbursement cuts. To combat this new decrease you need to not only reduce your costs, but win more patient referrals and gain cash sales. OxyGo’s Smart Delivery Strategy does both, enabling your business to go from just surviving — to thriving.

OxyGo’s unique Smart Delivery model has two unique components:

OxyGo, OxyGo FIT

First, the OxyGo Family of Portable Oxygen Concentrators reduces your oxygen costs by up to 38% by limiting deliveries. OxyGo POCs are reliable and easy for patients to use, so you can give them quality service without the large quantities of delivery.

Second, OxyGo is the most demanded POC by patients — which equates to an increase in business for you. The user changeable batteries, extra batteries, small size and sleek appearance are features that patients and referral sources look for... and with the aging baby boomer population, OxyGo has the features that patients will pay cash for.

Reduce Oxygen Costs

Equipment costs are only a small fraction of the cost drivers for serving oxygen patients. The majority of tangible costs or expenses of serving oxygen patients are operations costs like labor, delivery and compliance expenses.

Let’s examine how to reduce or eliminate these expenses by replacing tanks with a member of the OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator Family. OxyGo eliminates the delivery, acquisition, maintenance and hazards of a high pressure oxygen cylinder or liquid vessel. The delivery of a POC to a patient can be accomplished in a simple passenger car or van. There are no haz-mat risks, training, placarding or special delivery vehicles needed. Delivery and compliance costs normally exceed $50 per delivery, making even one delivery per month of tanks to the patient difficult for providers to make a profit.

OxyGo patients never run out of oxygen. Even ultra-high pressure home fill systems provide a cylinder with a finite amount of oxygen at high electricity costs. OxyGo patients never run out of oxygen because the patient can use and charge their OxyGo at home, in their car, and anywhere there is a 100 to 240 VAC outlet or 12 VDC outlet in a car.

Increase Your Cash Sales

OxyGo’s family of POCs are what patients want. OxyGo is a 5-setting, sub-5 lbs. unit that is quiet and discrete, and the new OxyGo FIT 3-setting, sub-3 lbs. unit is a retail super star. Not only are OxyGo POCs are demanded by patients — OxyGo Sales Support helps you find those patients. OxyGo provides you with unparalleled marketing support: web videos, customized TV commercials, print advertisements, radio commercials… and more. Our OxyGo experts provide in-services and sales training for you, too!

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